Foie Gras Fight Attracts MP’s And Celebs

foie gras

Eating meat is cruel enough, yet foie gras is exceptionally horrific. Ducks and geese are repeatedly force fed through a tube, until their livers are 10x the size they should be.

They are forced to permanently reside in cramped cages, while their livers fatten and become diseased. They are violently force fed several times a day, with many dying within their cages. It is unimaginably cruel, and its production is known to be inhumane.

In the UK, foie gras production is illegal, due to its inhumane nature. However, the UK still imports almost 200 tonnes of foie gras every year, to be served in high end restaurants across the country.

According to Plant Based News:

“A YouGov poll conducted in June 2017 showed only a tiny minority of Brits consumed foie gras in the past 12 months – only seven percent – and an overwhelming majority support an import ban – 77 percent of those who expressed an opinion.”

Luckily, the majority of the population agree that foie gras is inhumane and should be totally banned. Even better, a large amount of celebrities and MP’s feel the same way, meaning significant change could take place to ban it completely from the UK.

MP’s such as Greens Caroline Lucas and Labour Chris Williamson, have voiced their support for such a ban.

Both agree that leaving the EU allows the UK the opportunity to enforce rules banning it from being imported.

It is absurd that in a country that recognises the inhumanity of foie gras production, it is still allowed to be brought into the UK and consumed in its highest establishments.

If the UK government agrees that it is too cruel to be produced here, then it should also agree that it should not be imported here.

If you would like to help, please sign this petition, and pass it along to your family and friends.

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