What Do Food Expiry Dates Really Mean?


How often do you use expiration dates to decide whether something is safe to eat or not? This infographic from Lakeshore Convention Centre takes you through everything you need to know about the real meaning of expiration dates and explains the confusion surrounding them. With 40% of the U.S food supply being thrown away every year because food is deemed to have expired, it really is an area that needs examining. Something clearly doesn’t add up and it is obvious that consumers are taking food expiration dates too literally.

There is confusion over the meaning of food labels with many believing they are connected with a product’s safety. In some ways, expiration dates are there to help the manufacturer rather than the consumer. They generally indicate that a manufacturer can’t guarantee the quality of their product after a certain date.

The key message is that we shouldn’t just blindly follow food labels and it’s important we take food freshness on a case by case basis. Try to educate yourself and others about what food labels really mean and reduce food waste today.

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