British Footballer Charlie Mulgrew Goes Plant-Based To Extend Playing Career

charlie mulgrew plant-based diet

Blackburn Rovers captain Charlie Mulgrew has revealed he recently adopted a plant-based diet in the hopes it will extend his playing career.

The 32-year-old Scottish footballer helped guide Blackburn Rovers to promotion to the Championship this season. Mulgrew adopted the diet 11 months ago and mentioned that the thought of going vegan seemed impossible just three years ago.

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Discussing how he wants to continue playing to the age of 40, he said: “That’s the figure I have got in my head. I would like to play until then, at least.

“It is something I would like to do and, the way life expectancy is going, it could definitely be something in the future for a lot of players.

“I watched a documentary on Netflix, I liked it, I did a bit of research and it (veganism) is getting bigger and bigger and it is going to be massive soon.

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“Gordon Strachan took two bananas every day and that is something that sticks in my mind as well.

“He has an influence in that type of thing. He played for a long time and I had a chat with him before and he is someone I look up to.

“It is difficult at first to make different types of meals, you are used to meat and vegetables and potatoes and pasta or whatever.

“I needed to get used to cooking all different things, replacing meat with veg but once you get into it there is really nice stuff you can eat.

“My body fat has gone down and I feel fitter, I feel good.

“I am not going to start preaching about not eating meat or dairy – I could be back on the meat this time next year – but it is something I am enjoying.”

Mulgrew joins other footballers who have adopted plant-based diets, with the likes of Jack Wilshere, Jermain Defoe, and Russell Martin along eating vegan to improve their playing careers.

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