Fry’s Release New Range Of Vegan Grab-And-Go Products


Fry’s have launched 12 new vegan products, this time they’ll be targetting customers who are ‘on the go’ and want fast, accessible vegan food.

the South-African based food company are specialists in plant-based alternatives to typically animal-based foods.

Pret’s Vegan Christmas Sandwich Is Back!

Their new range includes 12 brand new vegan products, 4 of which can be found in the chilled section ready for us to enjoy on the move.

Some of our favourite new options are pasties and ready-to-eat pies, it’s difficult to find

Tammy Fry Kelly, international marketing director for The Fry Family Food Co, said: “We’re seeing that meat-free diets are becoming more mainstream, and retailers in the UK estimate that the meat-free market is currently worth around £270 million and is growing at 6% each year globally.”

“Within the sector, meat-free products no longer belong in a separate freezer and are now merchandised alongside meat equivalent products.”

The new range is on sale at Holland and Barret stores across the UK.

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