Has Fully Raw Kristina Abandoned Veganism?


Fully Raw Kristina has recently been in the vegan spotlight and for all the wrong reasons. She posted an image on her Instagram showing her wearing a pair of shoes made from baby cow and baby goat skins. It’s caused a pretty big stir in the community.

Fully Raw Kristina has been a promoter of a raw vegan lifestyle for over 10 years. She’s another firm believer that it improves your health and wellbeing. Over these 10 years she’s amassed a large social following with people taking inspiration from her lifestyle and food choices.

After 10 years of being vegan it’s even more disappointing to see her promoting an incredibly unethical item of clothing. A few days ago she posted the above image, whilst tagging the company that makes them. The shoes are made from baby cow and goat, yes these lovely creatures below.

fully raw kristinafully raw kristina

Even if it was a mistake on her behalf it seems incredibly peculiar for her to tag the company in the post. Not only that but she’s also been known for wearing leather items in the past. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve been vegan 3 years and own next to no non-vegan items. She’s been vegan 10 years so I think the excuse that they’re from before she was vegan isn’t going to cut it.

(Update- she has since claimed they were given to her as a gift even so, things still don’t add up)

fully raw kristina

As of now, she’s publicly apologised and has removed the image. That being said there are still other images of the same manner.

Lot’s of people are probably wondering “it was a mistake, why does it matter so much?”

Fully Raw Kristina has a HUGE social media following. This means that when she tags a company, business or brand she’s essentially saying she likes their stuff. That’s going to be sending a lot of traffic their way. That means more sales.

The key here is that if that brand  promotes using animal products or uses animals in their items, demand for them will only increase. Unfortunately, that means more animals are going to be senselessly and needlessly murdered.

It’s not about Fully Raw Kristina or about her being a bad person. It’s about the influence she has on a huge amount of people.

Personally I’d love to see her now promote a bunch of vegan brands on her Instagram and move on from this debacle.


    • Hi Yolanda, I’ve also had a few seizures in the past- not fun! If you want to go vegan that’s awesome! Depending on your personality I’d recommend not jumping straight into raw food and first start by becoming vegan. Do plenty of research, watch videos and read books and learn about the lifestyle a bit more. There’s substitute foods for almost everything and eating vegan is way more healthy, ethical and environmental.

      I have no personal experience with lupus but I know many people find switching to a vegan diet and more specifically a raw diet, has helped/alleviated health problems they’ve had.

      Good luck!

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