Gary Yourofsky’s Best Speech Ever

gary yourofsky's best speech ever

If there’s one man who’s done a lot for the animal activism, it’s this man, Gary Yourofsky. What better way to introduce the bloke than for you to watch Gary Yourofsky’s Best Speech Ever.

The amount of people Gary’s turned vegan, persuaded to do meatless Mondays or even just consider the concept of veganism is massive. This version of the speech has over 300,000 views alone. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of views on similar videos.

Summing it up in an effective, poignant and hard-hitting manner, Gary Yourofsky’s Best Speech Ever is known to hit home with even the biggest meat-eater. Sometimes persuading those to go vegan simply overnight.

Explaining the hypocrisy with consuming animal products and detailing the mass murder of 150 billion animals every year for the consumption of humans, Gary underlines major issues with animal agriculture.

There’s nothing humane about murdering animals. Whether it’s free-range or not, the animals are still treated in a horrific fashion and murdered with a slit of their throat.

gary yourofsky's best speech ever

Gary clearly explains there’s three stages before change occurs, it’s mocked and ridiculed, there’s then denial and violent opposition and finally acceptance, everyone finally gets it.

Humans seem to think they’re more important than other animals, insect, fish and marine life. In reality, we’re the most unimportant species on the planet. If we were to become extinct all other species would thrive like never before and not have to continue through the endless pain and suffering that we’ve forced upon them.

gary yourofsky's best speech ever

However, turn that on its head. Let’s imagine all the bees became extinct or even plankton in the ocean. If this were to happen, all other animals and species would die as a result. Just think about that for a moment.

If you know someone teetering on the edge of becoming vegan or simply someone with an open ming, showing them this should be one of your top priorities! Along with that, depending on whether they’re male of female, get them to check out Freelee and Durianrider on Youtube too. Additionally, try Bite Size Vegan or Vegan Gains if they’re into body building and aesthetics.

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