German Volleyball Team Goes Vegan


German third division team, ASV Dachau, has credited the team’s recent success to their collective switch to a plant-based diet. 

In an experiment to measure the impact plant-based nutrition has on the performance of competitive athletes, the team set out to be plant-based for three months.

While some were sceptical about the change, others were ready to give it a try. The team had been on a bad run of form after losing their most recent match which nearly cost them the title.

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The team soon became known as the “Veggie Boys,” quickly winning a match against Niederviehbach 3-0. The no-meat trial started at the end of January, and soon the team was thriving.

Players have boasted about feeling “more alert,” “fitter,” and more concentrated as their levels of fatigue have decreased.

The players have also been encouraged to attend cooking classes and learn to make wise health decisions. They receive regular performance tests and get their blood checked to measure potential deficiencies and improvements.

Dachau’s main sponsor, a health insurance company, prompted the switch, urging families to keep their sons healthy. The team has now created a messaging group to exchange recipes and tips between the families.

As a German article, Sueddeutsche, covering this topic states, no team has fully committed to a vegan diet, and there are not many experiments such as this to test the effects.

However, many renowned athletes have eaten plant-based, such as the tennis-pros Williams sisters and Novak Djokovic, Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, and even German’s own footballer Andreas Luthe.

Certain members of the team did not want to participate as they thought the diet change was too much of an effort. ASV’s blocker, Samuel Sadorf, explained after switching that the diet was not enough to keep him satiated as he was always hungry. On top of that, he insisted that the taste was inconvenient, and with the support of his parents, he gave up.

Switching to a plant-based diet may seem inconceivable to some, but with a balanced meal and an open mind, anyone can thrive whilst trying. Lewis Hamilton recently credited his F1 success to his plant-based diet while Forest Green Rovers has seen success after creating the first vegan football club.

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Scout Gullick
Scout is a junior in high school currently studying in Barcelona. At the young age of seven, she made the choice to be vegetarian after realizing the cruelty animals endure. Last year, she made the switch to veganism after discovering the impacts alternative diets have on the environment, animals, and personal health. Her goal is to aid in shifting the world to a place where animals are loved, as well as to delay global warming as much as possible.

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