Germany’s Pork Consumption Hits Record Low

Germany's Pork Consumption

Long known for their sausages, Germany’s pork consumption is now at a record low. This comes as Berlin is branded the vegan capital of Europe, with more people turning to plant-based foods than ever.

New research compiled by Agriculture Market Information Co. (AMIC) found that Germans have steadily reduced their consumption of pig products in recent years.

Traditionally, Germany has had the largest consumption and production levels of pork throughout Europe, however, over recent years there has been a drop from 86 pounds per person to 79 pounds per person annually.

Germany's Pork Consumption
Many have realised the significant environmental burden of choosing to eat meat and dairy.

The change is largely thought to be down to a growing awareness about the environmental damage caused by animal agriculture and a subsequent increase in consumption of plant-based foods.

The environment needs us all to go vegan.

Last year, 1 in 10 new food products launched in Germany carried a vegan symbol on the packaging, with vegetarian and vegan food options increasing by 633 percent over the last five years.

The change has been supported at a high political level, too. Germany’s Federal Minister for the Environment Barbara Hendricks implemented vegetarian-only meals at official government functions earlier this year.

However, it sparked a reaction in the animal agriculture industry, with one politician claiming terms such as plant-based “meats”, “vegetarian schnitzel” and “vegan currywurst” should be banned to protect the culture of Germany. Veganism has continued to surge, despite the meat industry’s attempts to hamper it.

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