Get Wurst Brings Vegan Bratwurst To London

get wurst

Paul and Lindsay Melbourne are the founders of Get Wurst. A brand with the aim to bring the best of Berlin to London.

The business has two vegan options which include a bratwurst in a bun with sauerkraut, onions and pickles and also a vegan currywurst with home-made currywurst sauce.

Paul told, ‘We don’t make the sausages ourselves, we have tried but to get a proper bratwurst you have to go to Germany, only they do it best!’

get wurst

Paul tells us a little more about how this whole (delicious) thing got started,

‘My wife Lindsay and I started Get Wurst after many trips to Berlin and a love of a good currywurst, which you only tend to get here at a Christmas market when it is often not down justice!’

‘All of our sausages are imported from our supplier in the Munsterland region of Germany, and it’s the same with our Vegan Wurst, we tried SO many different veggie/vegan sausages and most of them weren’t very good, so when we tried this one we couldn’t wait to be able to offer our vegan customers the same bratwurst/currywurst experience as our meat eating customers as we know that often vegans get left out or have to put up with substandard offerings when it comes to certain types of food!’

‘It’s made from the product seitan which we’ve noticed is becoming ever more popular in lots of different types of vegan street food stalls and restaurants across London.’

You can find their schedule here. For more details head over to their social media pages.

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