How To Get Your Friends To See The Veggie Light


It’s official – more and more Brits are becoming vegetarians and vegans. In fact, the number of those of us identifying as a vegan has risen in the last 10 years; with just over 360% more across the country now living that lifestyle in just a decade.

Why is this? Well, aside from the fact that this is the most ethical way to live, vegetarian and vegan diets are becoming more mainstream. It’s now easier to do than ever. You don’t have to guilt people anymore – show them the light, and they will come.

Introduce Them To Amazing Food

The stereotype which has us most wanting to bash our heads against a brick wall is the one that vegetarians just eat salad. Come on, what’s that all about? If a meat-eating friend says that, take a deep breath, and invite them to lunch.

Vegetarian and vegan food is amazing; it’s not all just about vegetables these days. From veggie burgers to vegan pizzas, there’s so much choice out there, whether you choose to opt for taking meats or not. You don’t have to start eating the plainer stuff, so help them see that, actually, you can still go out.

Takeaways are getting even easier, too! Once dominated by kebab meat and fried chicken, nowadays you can just sneak in some tasty dishes without it even seeming like a big deal.

For beginners, just show them that all the cuisine they already know and love can be adapted in a super simple way, with no meat or dairy.

Failing that, just cook for them. Becoming vegan usually makes you more creative, so we bet you can find ways to impress them.


Appeal to your friends as individuals. Are they health conscious, or are ethics more their thing? Teaching them about the ways in which going vegetarian is good for the environment, animals, and even their own bodies are often the key.

It’s all about baby steps. Someone who usually eats three steaks a week and chicken for all of the other meals are making a big difference by going meatless for two days.

And help them to learn how to cook, too. There are so many incredible recipes out there, that the world is their (vegan) oyster. Just make sure they’re warned… veganism doesn’t always mean weight loss! There are so many yummy cruelty-free treats out there, that they still have to exercise caution!

Dialogue & Respect

Always remember to show respect. If you come in on the offensive, you are unable to be able to win anyone around, which is not only unfortunate but a total shame.

Don’t try to come across as though you feel superior, either. Calmly stating your views in a way that isn’t pushy is more likely to make them listen.

If they’re feeling backed into a corner, they’re unlikely to be swayed, and then you’re only hurting your own cause.

Remember why you went vegetarian or vegan in the first place – often, it’s because you want the world to be a better place. Practise what you preach!

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