Girly Vegan Christmas Presents 2016!


Whether it’s for your sister, best friend, girlfriend or cousin, girly vegan christmas presents can be hard to come by. There are only so many vegan T-shirts you can buy, and luckily there’s a whole world out there full of vegan treats. Whether its makeup, jewellery or candles, this list is all you will need.


You can never go wrong with makeup. If the person you’re buying for is a makeup lover, stick to high end brands. Vegan/cruelty free examples include Kat Von D, Tarte and Too Faced.

Kat Von D

girly vegan christmas presents

Kat herself is vegan, and there’s a whole #vegan tab at the top of her website. She has everything from makeup brushes to matte lipstick, and almost everyone loves her brand. It’ll be hard to go wrong with this!



All of Tarte is cruelty free, and they have a dedicated vegan range which are 100% animal product free. Whether you’re looking for gorgeous eyeshadow palettes or foundation and concealer, Tarte will have it.

Too Faced

girly vegan christmas gifts

Every makeup lover has heard of Too Faced, and they are proudly cruelty free. They also have a list of their 100% vegan products on their FAQ, which luckily includes their world famous Better Than Sex mascara! 


Now I know jewellery is vegan (duh), but I had to include this super cute brand. I saw it featured on Bonny Rebecca’s Instagram, and their stuff is perfect for girly vegan christmas presents. Also featured are some watches (which tend not to be vegan), which any girl will love.

YCL Jewels

girly vegan christmas presents

This might just be some of the most dainty and delicate looking jewellery I’ve seen! They use minimal packaging as well as ethically sourcing their materials, with pieces that any vegan activist would be proud to wear.



Finding vegan watches that aren’t OTT or just made from metal can be a bit of a task, but luckily Votch is here. Ethical, vegan, and donating some of their profit to charity, there is nothing about this company that I don’t love. Their products are also gorgeous!

Pamper yourself

Treat your special someone to a night in of pampering. Get the candles ready, and whip out the face masks and foot scrubs!



Although candle wax itself is vegan, they often add animal ingredients to it (ugh). Luckily for us, there are tons of soy based candle alternatives. One of these being Harpers Candles.

They are approved by the Vegan Society, as well as donating £3 from each charity candle sold to dog charities!

TLC Treats


If you’re ever stuck for present ideas, go to LUSH! Although not all of their products are vegan, the large majority is, and all of it is 100% cruelty free and sustainably sourced.

Stock up on face masks, foot scrubs, moisturisers and bath bombs, and make a girl this christmas very happy indeed.

Girly vegan christmas presents everywhere

Don’t find yourself stuck this christmas, vegan gifts are everywhere. No matter what they’re into, there’ll be something out there that they’ll love.

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