Why You Should Give Up Animal Products This Lent 2017

lent 2017

Whether you’re religious or not, Lent is like New Years resolutions 2.0. So, what are you going to give up this Lent 2017? If you missed out on Veganuary but are still interested, why not give veganism a go?

You don’t have to focus on losing weight, you could just concentrate on feeling healthier. Whether you want to get more energy, sleep better at night or clear up your skin, Lent could be the perfect excuse to give it a try.

So, why bother?

lent 2017

Lent is only 40 days long, and they say it only takes 21 to form a habit. Imagine having Easter come around and being in better shape and feeling healthier than you have in years. To top this, you’ll know you’ve helped the environment and the lives of animals.

Instead of giving up something like crisps and only benefitting yourself, going vegan keeps on giving. If you’re not yet up to date with the consequences of animal agriculture, it’s not surprising. Give Cowspiracy and Earthlings a watch, and learn why others will benefit from you simply changing your diet.

When it helps your health, the animals and the environment, why not at least give it a shot?

The best thing is, is that going vegan now doesn’t have to be difficult. Coffee shops offer a variety of plant based milks, high street chains have vegan pizzas, burgers, milkshakes etc., and even McDonalds has a vegan burger!

lent 2017

There are huge vegan communities which make being vegan feel much more accessible, and more and more people are giving it a go. Don’t forget the supermarkets which are chomping at the bit to appeal to the growing market of vegans.

Have fun with it! Lent isn’t just for those that are religious, it’s simply the perfect opportunity to do what you missed out on earlier in the year. 40 days isn’t that long, yet chances are once you experience how great being vegan feels, you might just stay on it for a lot longer than 40 days.

Over 1,000 people have already signed up for PETAs lent challenge, try it yourself!

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