Gonzaga University Veganizes Veggie Canteens To Improve Accessibility

gonzaga university vegan

Gonzaga University has decided to make all vegetarian food options vegan. It comes as the institution wants to make veganism more accessible for students on campus.

Based in Spokane, Washington, the university is served by food caterer Sodexo whose idea it was to implement the vegan-friendly change.

How veganism is surging thanks to millennials.

Students can now order black bean burgers and salads made with produce grown in the school’s rooftop garden. Not many people are lucky enough to go to a university where they get a freshly picked salad!

According to one student newspaper, there are also other vegan options available on campus. These include meals such as vegan cheese pizza, stir-fry and a tofu scramble burrito.

As more and more young people take up a vegan lifestyle it’s only a matter of time before universities and other institutions have to adapt to maintain campus happiness.

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