Building A Car Made From Meat- Clarkson Sparks Outrage

Car Made From Meat

In the latest episode of Amazon’s, The Grand Tour, the trio are tasked to build a car that is made from environmentally friendly materials. Specifically, they’re meant to build a shell of a car that’s sustainable, eco-friendly and less damaging to the environment. Unfortunately, they end up producing a car made from meat.

Richard and James arrive in cars that are definitely more eco-friendly but not so practical, one being made from mud and the other from soil and wood. Jeremy Clarkson, however, arrives in a car made from the flesh and bones of animals.

car made from meat

Understandably upsetting a large amount of viewers, they’ve attracted a lot of negative attention from vegans, vegetarians and environmentalists. And rightly so.

Sadly, the animals’ lives have ben wasted. Perhaps, more annoyingly is that the production of meat and the entire industry of animal agriculture contributes more to environmental damage than anything else. Embarrassingly for Jeremy Clarkson, he’s only highlighted his ignorance.

In a time where our environment is becoming more fragile and damaged by the day, Clarkson has advertised the complete opposite of sustainability and an eco-friendly car design. To build a car made from meat is possibly the most unsustainable method of producing a car.

Car Made From Meat
Clarkson used stretched flesh as a ‘windscreen’. Grim.

PETA spokeswoman, Mimi Bekhechi said Clarkson’s bizarre skin-and-bones vehicle had turned him into “a Lady Gaga wannabe with a meat car”.

She added: “While this pompous arse is always desperately vying for attention by trying to offend others, less privileged beings raised for their skin and flesh are suffering in barren industrial sheds.”

“PETA and every kind human being hopes that one day Clarkson will put the brakes on cheap and mean stunts such as this one and become a true motorhead, not a meathead.”

To find brands that are finally focusing on protecting the environment and safeguarding animals and the environment, you only need to look as far as Tesla.


  1. The (or another…) tragic thing is that in the past, all car bodies were made of wood; there have even been car bodies made using woven cane. This was just another dumb stunt – but this time at the expense of animals.

    • Cars from wood are not a stupid stunt. But i guess Peta Supporters are immune to arguments anyway. Because a wooden body DOES DEFINITELY do less environmental damage than a metal or plastics one.

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