Half Of People Wouldn’t Eat Meat If They Had To Kill The Animal

A survey has found almost half of Brits would not be willing to kill their own food.

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A new survey by Cherry Digital has found that just under half of all people asked would not eat meat if they themselves had to kill the animal first.

48% of British meat-eaters said they would be unable to kill an animal for food.

When looking at gender, only 43% of women said they could kill an animal, compared to 62% of men.

The same study was also conducted in America, which yielded similar results.

8% Of Young Brits Believe UK Will Be Meat-Free By 2030

Despite the strong hunting traditions within the US, 49% of Americans asked would rather go vegetarian than butcher their own food.

When British meat-eaters were asked how long they could go without meat per week, the average answer was 2.6 days.

Andrew Elliston from Cherry Digital explained:

It’s hard to face up to the reality of where our food comes from, particularly meat,”

They are living creatures after all, and if we just don’t think about how they become what we eat, then it’s easy for things to carry on as they always do, with often poor living conditions for the animals, poor treatment, and a huge cost to the environment.”

“Hopefully people’s attitudes might start to change; if you want to become a vegetarian or vegan, you don’t have to become one overnight, but not eating it every day is a great start.”

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