Harry Potter Subscription Box Goes Vegan

The Harry Potter subscription box will began offering vegan food and beauty products.

harry potter subscription

Monthly Harry Potter subscription box ‘Accio!’ will now feature 100% vegan snacks, along with vegan beauty products and other plant-based treats.

The subscription box is now the first and only vegan and cruelty-free Harry Potter themed subscription box available.

The decision by Accio! has been praised by vegan actress Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series.

One of the creators of Accio! wrote on their blog that they have been plant-based for 15 years, and that the majority of their products had already been cruelty free.

“I also personally have followed a plant-based diet myself for about 15 years (basically my whole adult life), and the household and beauty care products I choose are always cruelty-free. We have never included wool, leather, or silk materials in our boxes, because I don’t wear animal fibers and wouldn’t want to support those industries with our company.”

“Past boxes have included some edible products that have contained dairy and egg products, but by eliminating these from our selections and becoming a vegan-friendly subscription box, we open up our box for so many more people to enjoy!”

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The Harry Potter subscription service also plans to create a box where a portion of the profits are donated to animal-related initiatives.

Accio! has always ensured that their boxes and paper filling are made from recycled materials, and tries to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

This move to introduce vegan subscription boxes shows that vegans never have to miss out, and demonstrates that Accio! truly wants to be as inclusive as possible.

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