Health Blogger Promotes Veganism! (Kind Of)


Health bloggers and magazines haven’t always been firm favourites of veganism, and are much more likely to promote Atkins, Paleo, etc. However, a writer at gave veganism a try for a week, and seems to like what she found!

Obviously, veganism is more than a diet, and this piece neglects the ethical aspects surrounding it. However, from a health and nutrition point of view, it is fantastic to see people begin to open their eyes to the benefits of veganism.

The writer sings praise about the benefits of a vegan diet, including lowering cholesterol, weight loss, and a lower risk of cancer.

Even better, is the fact that the health blogger openly says that high protein, low carb diets such as Paleo and Atkins did not help her lose weight in the long run. Sadly, many still restrict carbs and calories unnecessarily, thinking that it is the only option. She seemed ecstatic that you don’t need to count calories on a vegan diet, and that she could embrace carbs once again.

After the week, she had lost 4lbs, slept better, and her skin had cleared up drastically. Yay!

health blogger
The blogger’s food for the week

She even praised vegan nutrition, linking to a British survey that showed vegans were, in fact, some of the most nutritionally healthy out there. 

Sadly, it wasn’t a complete success. Despite the benefits of her week on a vegan diet, the health blogger didn’t seem quite convinced.

She found herself missing foods such as salmon and omelettes, and found eating out a bit expensive. The blogger found herself thinking she will stay vegan for a little longer to continue losing weight, and then have certain weeks of being vegan.

Although this is a fab start, it’s sad to see someone who clearly feels fab eating vegan, for some reason not want to stick at it.

Perhaps if the blogger looked a little into the other reasons for being vegan, she might find it a little easier.

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