What The Health and Cowspiracy Hacked

what the health hacked

Now, we might be reaching a little here but it couldn’t ring more true to events that take place within the documentaries.

Both, What The Health and the Cowspiracy Facebook page have been hacked with both sharing spam and ‘click-bait’ articles. Their admins are supposedly locked out of their accounts with the pages yet to be recovered.

While What The Health has been available to watch since March 2017, it debuted on Netflix just three days ago.

What The Health debuts on Netflix, watch it now!

Many Facebook comments are claiming that as the documentary has become available to easily access in your own home, it has the corporations and industry reaching to discredit the film.

The documentary attempts to uncover the lengths large corporations will go to dupe customers into buying their products.

Similarly, Cowspiracy uncovered the devastating effects of animal agriculture on the environment and uncovers the barrage of false advertising the industry uses to hide the truth.

During Cowspiracy, filmmaker Kip Anderson hits road blocks every way he turns.

what the health hacked
Filmmaker, Kip Anderson

He reveals the huge lawsuits members within the animal agriculture industry file against small-time individuals and businesses that attempt to show the true side of the industry.

While it’s possible it is ‘just another hack’, it’s a coincidence it has come just after the film is made available worldwide and follows what you might now expect from an already suffering industry.


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