Health Trends: Changing For The Better

Graph showing the health trends with a tilt towards veganism
A graph showing how veganism is on the rise in Google's search trends

The adaptation of health trends

Well thank fuck for this, the general public finally seem to be realising how dumb the Atkins and Paleo diets are. The main good news though is that the term ‘vegan’ is becoming more and more popular, health trends are definitely on a u-turn right now! Google search trends show the term ‘vegan’ in a sharp upwards trend, while ‘Atkins’ and ‘paleo’ continue their decline.

Hopefully this is the end of Atkins and paleo, they’ll forever be terms that send chills down my spine.

The thought of eating a diet primarily focusing on meat and the killing of animals is disgusting.

Although, there are some negatives despite the consistent decline in searches for these terms. Just after every christmas and holiday season there’s a sharp spike in search activity for both ‘paleo’ and ‘Atkins’. It’s disappointing and baffling how people still think these are good for losing weight or achieving the body shape you want.

Sure, they might be good short-term. But really? Low carb and high fat, while essentially starving your body? Doesn’t sound like a good diet to me.

What does sound good is unlimited, nutritious vegan food, eating however much you want and having a more healthy body than ever. This though, is a different post entirely.

Those bloody (good) millennials!

With the growing trends towards veganism, this can only be due to the increasingly open-minded generation. Gone are the days of meat and two veg, Sunday roasts and following the government prescribed food pyramids. Today is the day of Twitter, Earthlings and YouTube activism.

Global and national statistics are mirroring the search health trends too; with veganism being more popular than ever. It seems this generation has finally realized the importance and benefits of being vegan, with an ever deteriorating environment and continued poor health of those in their later years consuming animal products, people are coming around to the idea veganism is the only viable solution to the continuing global issues.

It’s inspiring to see young teens, still being ‘educated’ by their (grand)parents, rebel and speak out for the animals, environment and their health. It’s inspiring to see people actually doing something.

Health trends are changing- no one ever wants to change to make the change happen

For too long world leaders, celebrities and the general public have spoken about the problems we face whether it’s climate change or heart disease and obesity. Millions are spent but nothing is achieved. For too long they’ve failed to realize the solution is simple, the solution is veganism.

A country where being vegan is normal

Now we even have a vegan country; Israel. It’s now the norm to eat a vegan diet, how crazy’s that? Something we can only wish for in western culture.

They’re rocking it in the search trends too, with Israel ranking higher than anywhere else for all ‘vegan’ searches. This is what should be normal and what I honestly believe will be normal in the future.

What’s also promising is the fact that a lot of the typically high meat-eating and dairy consuming countries are ranking high in terms of searches for ‘vegan’. Namely the USA, Australia and Germany, where consumption of animal products has been and is very high. The high search trends towards ‘vegan’ is happening again due to the refreshingly new open-mindedness and kindness of the younger generation.

Health trends: change is happening

Health trends are changing and they’re changing for the better of the people, animals and the environment. It’s an exciting time to be part of a movement that’s evolving rapidly and doing so with a massive amount of success. As cliché as it may sound, change really is coming.


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