The Meat On Your Plate Is Giving You Heart Disease

heart disease and veganism

Meat and heart disease have forever been linked. But how much heart disease is in that ‘tasty’ burger or steak on your plate? Is it worth the future negative side effects?

More and more studies are showing that red meat and especially processed meats are the cause of a number of diseases and illnesses later in life.

heart disease and veganism

Meat and heart disease

According to research conducted by Cleveland Clinic, a substance that’s abundant in red meat and more frequently energy drinks, has been found to promote the development of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the hardening or clogging of coronary arteries and is one of the highest contributor to deaths worldwide. The substance named carnitine, is transformed into a metabolite called TMAO, which in particular is linked with atherosclerosis and the clogging of arteries.

It was found that a diet high in carnitine (e.g. processed meat and red meat) is a precursor to future problems such as heart disease. Unsurprisingly and most notably researchers found that:

Baseline TMAO levels were significantly lower among vegans and vegetarians than omnivores. Remarkably, vegans and vegetarians, even after consuming a large amount of carnitine, did not produce significant levels of the microbe product TMAO, whereas omnivores consuming the same amount of carnitine did.

heart disease and veganism

Policy change needed

An additional study published in June 2010 goes on to highlight the negative effects of the consumption of processed meats concluding:

Consumption of processed meats is associated with higher incidence of CHD and diabetes mellitus. These results highlight the need for better understanding of potential mechanisms of effects and for particular focus on processed meats for dietary and policy recommendations.

With such studies advising altering policy recommendations such as the food pyramid and other governmental recommendations, it’s surprising change hasn’t already happened.

(Or not, considering the massive amount of money exchanged from the animal agricultural industry to governments worldwide…)

Instead of the current recommendations, governments should be advising cutting out meat and all animal products entirely from your daily diets. This will help combat against a host of illnesses and diseases, especially heart disease, strokes and diabetes.heart disease and veganism

Change your diet

With the amount of research and increasing media coverage, it’s highly surprising that people still choose to eat animal products even after it’s evident how bad meat, dairy and eggs are for your health.

There’s no need to eat any products originating from animals and more people should attempt to eat a plant-based vegan diet to ensure increased health for themselves, the environment and the animals.

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