Hens Kept In Illegal Cages On Indian Egg Farms

illegal cages battery farm

Animal Equality, an animal rights charity, has published the results of an investigation into the Indian egg industry. On top of the horrendous life hens have to live, their findings revealed that some producers are using cruel and illegal battery cages in spite of an animal welfare act prohibiting it.

The charity investigated several egg farms between August and December 2016.

Investigations discovered a number of breaches, including four to eight hens crammed in a cage no bigger than two iPads, hens stepping on each other in an attempt to find space and move and hens with sore, deformed and cracked feet. This is along with cages stacked on each other meaning urine and faeces would fall on birds in cages beneath them.

illegal cages battery farm

Furthermore, the charity found that hens were missing feathers, had sores and abrasions and high amounts of skin irritations. This was probably due tot he high levels of ammonia in the hens litter.

Battery cages such as those found during the investigation are common despite the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act , which prohibits confining birds in battery cages.

Amruta Ubale, executive director of Animal Equality said: “It is 2017 and yet there is still no sign of phasing out these cruel and illegal battery cages. All the countries within the European Union have banned battery cages. Battery cages are against our law and our values. The state government must step in and implement the ban.”

Removing battery cages is just one small step to stopping the enslavement and torture of animals all together.


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