The High Fat Promoting Western Diet

high fat western diet

The obesity promoting Western diet

McDonalds, KFC, chicken, beef, pork. These have become sad cornerstones for todays western diet. High fat, high processed meats have unfortunately cemented their place on everyones dinner plates. We’re increasingly told that FAT makes us slim.

With ever rising obesity, diabetes and high cancer rates, it seems high fat diets are not all they lived up to be. More and more people are turning to high carb, low fat vegan diets and reaping the rewards in both their health, weight and fitness.

western diet high fat

To lose weight eating high fat, you have to restrict your calories immensely. Not something any one is particularly keen to do eh? What’s more, high fat diets are damaging to our health and animal products especially, contribute to a large majority of all deaths in 2016.

Here’s why you should start thinking about cutting your fat intake and turn to a high carb, low fat vegan diet, as taken from The Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall.

“After you eat dairy, meat, nuts, oils, and other high-fat foods, you absorb their fat from your intestine into the bloodstream. From there, it is transported to billions of adipose (fat) cells for storage. This is a very efficient process: it uses up only 3 percent of the calories you consume to move the fat on your fork and spoon to your body fat. This storage takes place almost effortlessly after every fat-filled meal. If you have your body fat chemically analyzed, it will reveal the kinds of fats you commonly eat. Margarine and shortening, for example, result in high proportions of trans fats in stored body fat. A diet high in cold-water marine fish shows omega-3 fats. The saying “from my lips to my hips” expresses the real-life effect of the Western diet. Fortunately, starches contain very little fat for you to wear.”

For similar books, try The China Study by Dr. Colin Campbell and Reversing Diabetes by Dr. Neal Barnard.

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