Holland & Barrett Announce It Will Open Fully Vegan Stores

The is working towards a vegan-only store.

holland and barrett vegan supermarket

Holland & Barrett CEO Peter Aldis has announced the health chain will launch vegan only stores in the United Kingdom.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Aldis discussed the current state of the brand and future plans to help Holland & Barrett remain competitive.

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Aldis said: “today there is a trend towards veganism. We are working on a vegan-only store. It is our space and we should be in it. When you do something like that, it is an impossibility for a supermarket to follow.”

Earlier in the interview, Aldis mentioned how his wife had adopted a vegan lifestyle after being a big meat-eater.

“My wife loved a steak,” the 53-year-old retail veteran says with a wry smile. “She loved the type of steak that you walk past a candle. A good vet could bring it back to life. 

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“And yet, overnight she turned to a vegan diet. She had been listening, and reading, about it from celebrities and internet vloggers. It convinced her to change. 

“She now has improved energy and a higher level of focus. The amount of people that are engaging in that lifestyle is rising.”

Aldis highlighted an important point. Veganism has seen a surge in recent years. With people, who just a few months ago thought they would never be able to go vegan, turning vegan overnight and embracing the lifestyle.

The revolution has transformed food markets and has seen highstreet restaurants adapting their menus to keep up with trends and stay relevant.

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