Holland And Barrett Start Selling Vegan Egg

vegan egg

Anyone switching to an animal-free diet won’t have to miss out on eggs as health shop Holland & Barrett has launched a new vegan substitute – made out of algae. Despite the fact that the new Vegan Egg is entirely plant-based, you can still use it to make scrambled eggs or even use them in a cake.

The Vegan Egg comes in a very similar box to a normal egg container – but instead of eggs inside is a 114g pouch of yellow powder, the equivalent of a dozen eggs.

vegan egg

The main ingredient in the plant-based egg is a flour made of algal, an ingredient derived from water-dwelling algae.

In many of the pictures, it would be hard to guess that the egg is not actually from a hen, but made from algae.

Vegan cooks have whipped up omelettes, scrambled eggs and stir fries using the ingredient.

The product has already been on sale in the US but it’s only just been brought to the UK.

vegan egg

Vegan Egg means that you can do away without exploiting thousands of animals a year. That being said, I’ve been vegan for nearly three years and I’ve had no cravings for any vegan alternative to egg. It just doesn’t appeal to me.

Vegan Egg is amazing for people starting their transition to veganism and are finding it hard to give some foods up. With the widespread availability of Vegan Egg, it means that they’ll simply need to move away from cruelty and heart disease to something that tastes and is much better for you and the animals.

Vegan Egg is available nationwide at all Holland and Barrett stores.

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