Holland & Barrett To Launch 500 Products In New Vegan Store

The new vegan stores will hopefully be opening in the near future.

holland & barrett

Holland & Barrett is on the lookout for new products to be launched in their upcoming plant-based stores, and hopes to launch around 500 vegan products.

The new vegan stores will hopefully be opening in the ‘not too distant future’.

Holland & Barrett CEO Peter Aldis announced back in May that vegan stores will become a possibility, and the health food chain is now working hard to make it a reality.

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Director of Product Development Emma Cockerill said“We’ve long been committed to a plant-based lifestyle even offering members of the Vegan Society a discount in store.”

“And with the growing amount of vegans in the UK comes the need for an expanded range of great products for them to choose from.”

“We know from our suppliers that vegan foods taste better than ever and are available in many more categories than just the chiller.”

The health food chain is now looking for companies to get in touch if they would like to see their products within the new plant-based stores.

Holland & Barrett stores currently offer many vegan options within the ‘chilled’ area of their store, however, they’re now hoping to expand into other areas.

In particular, they would like to introduce more frozen, snacking, sports nutrition and on-the-go drinks into their range.

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