How To Deal With An Omni Family At Christmas Dinner


If you aren’t blessed like me to have a vegan sister and extremely open-minded parents, the thought of Christmas dinner as a vegan can be a nightmare. Sitting around a table full of food you despise, and watching those you love eat food that is full of cruelty. You may even find yourself being ridiculed for what you believe in.

Here are some ideas on how to survive your 2016 Christmas dinner with an Omni family.

Plan your own food well in advance

omni family

One way to shut up your family is to silence them with how amazing your own food is. It’ll be no fun for you either if you have to sit there for hours on end with just a few potatoes and sad-looking sprouts.

Prepare vegan stuffing, whack out some meat alternatives and get creative with your veg. If anything, the better your food looks, the more likely your family will be interested in what you’re eating!

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Stay positive


Christmas is supposed to be fun, and a surefire way to ruin that is with an argument over the dinner table. Educate instead of rage, and always stay positive. They’re much more likely to respond to you in a positive way if you stay positive yourself.

If someone asks you a stupid question, just answer it! Your great-aunt Glenda may genuinely just be interested, and not trying to annoy you.

Be educated

An omni family at christmas will most likely ask questions, and a lot of them. Read up on why your B12 levels are fine, you’re not protein deficient and how you can get calcium from other sources. Then, you can answer these boring questions as quickly as possible and move on!

Be careful with what you’re eating

Make sure the gravy you pour on your food is the vegan one, and always ask what the potatoes are cooked in. Your Grandma might not quite understand you not eating meat also means you don’t eat food cooked or glazed in animal fat or butter. Just ask beforehand, so there are no awkward conversations later on.


If you’re the only vegan in an omni family this christmas, you won’t need to throw yourself out of a building afterwards. It’s one meal, on one day, and it’s supposed to be fun! Focus on your own food and show your family how great being a vegan can be. Besides, you won’t have to share your food with anyone else!

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