How To Travel As A Vegan

travel as a vegan

How to travel as a vegan

If you’re new to veganism then travelling may be one of your first big hurdles. You could be travelling to a place where you don’t know what food shops sell and you don’t know the best vegan restaurants. It’s ok though. Here’s a few tips on how to successfully travel as a vegan.


travel as a vegan

If you’ve got a flight to catch and have a meal included in your package then make sure to check in and choose your food selection. Most airlines typically have a vegan option and often even the vegetarian branded option is also vegan. This’ll ensure you don’t have to sit there starving for a couple of hours until you can find some decent vegan food.

Learn the language

Don’t get caught out deep in a new country where English speakers are few and far between. Make sure you’ve learnt some basic phrases/questions that you can ask to make sure the dish you’ll be getting is vegan. Phrases like “Is there egg/butter/meat/fish in it?” work well and are usually fairly basic to learn. You can also tell them that you’re allergic which will increase your chances of eating a good vegan meal. A wise tip here would be to write all the phrases down on your phone so that way you always have them to hand.


travel as a vegan

If you’re heading abroad for a holiday then sometimes it’s better (cheaper occasionally) to book a room/apartment with a small kitchen. This way all you have to do is head down to the local market and you’ll be able to cook yourself. This is perfect if you’re planning on being somewhere for a long duration. I find I get fed up by the insane amounts of oil or salt covering the food when I eat out all the time. Keep it simple, stock up on fruits and vegetables with plenty of carbs like rice and potato. Cheap and easy!

Happy Cow or Vanilla Bean

travel as a vegan

If you want to eat out, these two apps are the best for finding places to go. You can search by the food type you want and search within a specific distance. Happy Cow charges you a small fee but Vanilla Bean is completely free. There’s almost always a vegan restaurant in town and if not, there’ll definitely be somewhere that will cater for your needs.

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