What No One Tells You About Human Impact On The Environment

human impact on the environment

There’s a massive human impact on the environment. It’s undeniable.

But, due to a number of reasons, we’re shielded from the real truth about how to effectively reverse the issues. The issue that’s staring us in the face.


I found that whenever I was being taught as a kid about deforestation, the facts were never actually tackled head on. No one ever spoke of the reason why it’s happening. All you’re taught that it is happening.

The real reason though is that the animal agriculture industry needs the land. It’s not humans overpopulating the world. It’s humans forcing the overpopulation of animals for us to enslave, torture and murder.

Human Impact On The Environment - deforestation

The facts:

  1. Animal agriculture is responsible for 91% of all Amazon rainforest that’s cleared. To date 550 billion metres squared of rainforest has been cleared for the animal agriculture industry.
  2. 1-2 acres are destroyed every second. Every second. Can you believe that?
  3. As a result, up to 137 different species of animals, plants and insects are lost forever every day because the deforestation takes place in the most biodiverse places on the planet.

Yet, people who consume animal products still whine if you use too much printer paper, in reality though paper is a small piece of the puzzle.

Not using any paper for 1 year saves 8.5 trees. Not eating beef for 1 year saves 3,432 trees.

You really can’t be an environmentalist if you’re not vegan…

Climate Change

The transportation industry isn’t the worst, neither is those bonfires you have on long summer nights. Animal agriculture contributes to 18% of all greenhouse, substantially more than the transportation sector. 


Denmark's meat tax- the affect of animal agriculture

When you consider all of the byproducts and animals associated with animal agriculture, you find that it’s responsible for a staggering 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Lets remember too that livestock are responsible for 65% of all nitrous oxide emissions which is 296 times MORE destructive than carbon dioxide. The only reason there’s so many livestock is because there’s such a high demand by the general public.

If everyone were to stop eating meat (not even go vegan), climate change would almost cease to exist. Why is no one taught this in school?

Water Use

A hard hitting fact- 1 hamburger is equivalent to 3,000 litres of water, which is enough for 2 months worth of showers. One third of all fresh water on the planet is used to fuel animal agriculture. Humans around the world suffer from drought and thirst yet we send them money?

Money does nothing compared to reducing the amount of meat you eat. If you really care, have the compassion and change.

Human Impact On The Environment - water

We could end the thirst of millions globally by redirecting the water to the places that need it most, not to an industry that only exists to fill a humans desire for ‘the taste of meat’.

Be conscious and wake the fuck up


Fishless oceans by 2048, are you ready for that? Human impact on the environment, an especially the seas is absolutely devastating.

For every 1 pound of fish caught 5 pounds of unintended marine species are caught and discarded as by-kill. There’s no need to kill fish, or any types of animals, we don’t need them.

Human impact on the environment - fisheries

There’s no such thing as sustainable fishing, free-range, or anything similar. These are purely words to hide the facts and to dress up the ever increasing problem.

Over 70 percent of all fish species are either fully exploited or depleted.


Because Humans ‘like the taste’ too much.

Human impact on the environment

How can anyone like the taste so much they’re willing to destroy our beautiful environment, kill thousands of animals and contribute to many more species vanishing from the face of the earth? Humans help the planet in no way, without us, the environment, plants and animals would all flourish. The current human impact on the environment is beyond devastating.

Human impact on the environment - conc

Perhaps the most worrying thing is that no one talks about it. We’re never taught it as children, schools never address the facts, politicians hide it for monetary gain and nutritionists are blinded by age-old ‘convention’.

The only way change will come is from us. People have to be the change, create compassion and reignite care.


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