Are Human Teeth Designed To Eat Meat?

human teeth designed to eat meat

One of the oldest and most boring arguments I hear against veganism is the view that our teeth somehow demonstrate our innate design to eat meat. Are human teeth designed to eat meat? Umm, no. I have wanted to explain this for a very long time, and boy, it feels good to let it out.

These are our teeth. Nice, right?

human teeth designed to eat meat

Many say that we have canines to tear into meat, therefore we are designed to do so.

These are our canines.

human teeth designed to eat meat

Notice how they’re VERY flat. Sure, they come to a very small point, but they are small and the same size as the other teeth.

And these are the canines of a true carnivore.

human teeth designed to eat meat

Fancy guessing which of those are the canines?

Yes as humans, we do have canines. However, we also have very important teeth, mainly our molars. These are what squash down and grind our food, yet many f0rget this when they try to argue that human teeth are designed to eat meat. Other animals that share molars such as ours are chimpanzees and mammals such as pigs.

If we were truly designed to eat meat, our teeth would be perfectly designed to tear apart meat with no help from utensils such as knives and forks. We need specifically sharp knives to cut steak, yet people will attempt to argue that our pathetic excuse for canines can do the same job?

There are also many animals that have canines, yet are herbivores. For example, the hippo. Check these bad boys out.

human teeth designed to eat meat

Not to forget pretty much all types of monkey.

human teeth designed to eat meat

Sure, some monkeys will eat small insects and the like, yet they don’t try to justify consuming animals twice their size because of their teeth. Oh yeah, they’re also wild animals with no alternative.

So, are human teeth designed to eat meat? Of course they’re not. The day you see someone tuck down on a steak with their hands behind their backs and no cutlery in sight is likely never going to happen, so don’t hold your breath.


  1. Human teeth are designed around being omnivores pure and simple, and a lot of enzymes that the human body needs to function comes from red meats, now we can make them artificially now so it’s not it’s not that big an issue, however this was a debate about the teeth, I notice you dont show teeth of pure herbivores why is that? Because a lot of them do not have teeth anything like humans… and pandas have very carnivore like teeth and are strictly herbivores. Human have molars for chewing yes this is a trait designed for vegetation, we have incisors which are designed for tearing, which the human mouth is easily able to tear through meat and even bone it’s our brain that stops that… and our front teeth have very narrow tips which also assist in biting and being able to not only bite into vegetation as if that were the case they would be completely flat but into meats and tougher things which require a cutting like action

  2. 1. One argument that tires me is “humans are not carnivores”
    No shit, we are omnivores. If we are truely designed to only eat fruits and vegetables, our stomach wouldn’t be able to handle everything else we eat.
    2. We eat with utensils because thats a norm.
    I can chomp down a piece of rare steak, without utensils. But that would be pretty weird now, isnt?
    If you want me to eat meat raw, with my teeth, then you should eat an unwashed potato, fresh from the ground with your bare teeth.
    3. Apes, especially chimps, eat meat:

  3. I’d say the reason people use knives to eat meat if for comfort and manners. It’s not exactly great if you put a huge piece of steak up to your face and tear into it. If someone needed a knife to eat a steak, then I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be able to eat it at all, you know, since you’re eluding to the fact that human teeth are too dull to chew meat. Go off, though, sis. Whatever makes you feel better about being vegan.

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