Humans Aren’t Meat-Eaters

humans aren't meat-eaters

As much as people may claim, humans aren’t meat-eaters. It’s something that we’ve been lied to about and believed for way too long. Here’s why we shouldn’t eat meat.

Herbivores’ jaws move in a side to side motion during chewing and mastication. The jaws of carnivores are locked in place and move in a vertical motion. Carnivores also have long sharp canines to tear the flesh from a freshly hunted animal, humans have blunt, small canines with an abundance of molars.

That’s not all…

If you were to put a child in a room with an apple and a rabbit, would they start ripping into the rabbit with their teeth and eat the raw flesh? No. Every single time, they’d play and cuddle the rabbit while choosing to eat the apple.

We’re not carnivorous by nature, we’re simply lied to and misled into thinking we are.

This is why humans aren’t meat-eaters in ANY sense of the word.

humans aren't meat-eaters

Our intestinal tracts are long like all herbivores and frugivores. Carnivores and omnivores have short intestines. Meat ruins our digestion and leaves rotting flesh inside of us. Not the nicest eh?

Humans aren’t meat-eaters, it’s as simple as that.

Why is it that a humans health is destroyed by eating meat? Just look at this chart detailing the

humans arent meat-eaters

Processed meat and bacon are class 1 carcinogenic. That means they’re known to cause cancer. Plants don’t cause cancer, they stop it. If our bodies were meant to eat meat then it certainly wouldn’t give us cancer.

Not to mention the contribution to obesity, heart disease (the leading cause of death in the US) and diabetes.

Meat and heart disease

It’s the highest contributor to death in the US. Let’s look at it a little closer.

According to research conducted by Cleveland Clinic, a substance that’s abundant in red meat and more frequently energy drinks, has been found to promote the development of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the hardening or clogging of coronary arteries and is one of the highest contributor to deaths worldwide. The substance named carnitine, is transformed into a metabolite called TMAO, which in particular is linked with atherosclerosis and the clogging of arteries.

humans aren't meat-eaters

It was found that a diet high in carnitine (e.g. processed meat and red meat) is a precursor to future problems such as heart disease. Unsurprisingly and most notably researchers found that:

Baseline TMAO levels were significantly lower among vegans and vegetarians than omnivores. Remarkably, vegans and vegetarians, even after consuming a large amount of carnitine, did not produce significant levels of the microbe product TMAO, whereas omnivores consuming the same amount of carnitine did.

humans aren't meat-eaters

It’s pretty clear we were never meant to eat meat. It’s not too late though. If you want to make a change, now’s the time to go vegan, save your health, the planet and the animals.

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