Hunt Sabs And Why We Need Them

hunt sabs

You may have seen a great video doing the rounds on Facebook recently, about hunt saboteurs (hunt sabs). These are people that go along to hunts, and distract the hounds/hunters and employ tactics to allow the hunted animal to get away. All pretty great stuff really.

Hunt sab groups exist up and down the country, and really, really piss off hunters. You know why? Because their tactics work! Hunting is thank goodness a dying sport for the rich and the old, and the hunt sabs are a manifestation of the publics hate for those who hunt innocent animals for ‘fun’.

hunt sabshunt sabs

Why do we need them?

Up to 22,000 foxes die each year as a result of mounted hunts with hounds. These are wild, innocent animals, that have done nothing wrong except be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The fix hunting ban of 2004 doesn’t stop bans from occurring, as the rules are rarely enforced and hunts often find ways of avoiding the rules.

Hunters often block up badger setts and holes in which foxes often use to escape, forcing the animals to chase for an unnaturally long time, and affecting the lives of animals that they don’t kill also.

Autopsies reveal hunted foxes are not killed quickly, but endure numerous bites and tears to their flanks and hindquarters – causing enormous suffering before death.

Oddly enough, some seem to believe that it’s the hunt sabs who are the reckless and violent ones in this cat and mouse game. Strange, when they are simply fighting for the lives of animals that are technically protected by law.

hunt sabs

Hunters chase and kill in an inhumane and cruel way British wildlife, for nothing more than ‘sport’. Foxes are beautiful animals, and yes they are predators, but does this justify hunting them as if they mean nothing?

The argument of ‘pest control’ can quickly be eradicated, as this is an argument over emphasised by hunters in an attempt to justify their actions.

While sheep farmers may curse foxes for the loss of their lambs, in reality studies have shown that poor farming practices, disease and bad weather are far more likely to lead to lamb deaths. A 2000 study in Scotland found that around just 1% of lamb losses could be directly attributed to foxes.

Luckily, majority of people see sense and understand that fox hunting is ridiculous and unnecessary. People like hunt sabs do what the government fails to do, and attempts to enforce laws put in place to protect our wildlife.

If you’re interested in becoming a hunt sab, have a look on Facebook for one in your local area.


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