IKEA To Stop Selling Single-Use Plastic By 2020

The company has made many pledges to be more environmentally friendly.


IKEA has announced that it will make a commitment to stop selling single-use plastic such as straws and plates, cups and freezer bags by 2020.

The announcement was made at a conference in Sweden, where IKEA also pledged to create more home furnishings made out of innovative and recycled materials.

In a press release, IKEA stated; “IKEA recognises that single-use plastic can harm wildlife and pollute oceans and waterways when it is not disposed of reasonably.”

“We are determined to play our part and take responsibility in the areas where we can make a difference”. 

The company also announced that it hopes to achieve zero emission deliveries by 2025, and that they want to reduce the overall IKEA climate footprint by approximately 70% per product.

They also want to scrap plastic packaging by 2023.

IKEA Set To Launch Vegan Ice Cream In Stores Next Summer

Many brands have began making decisions to ban the use of single-use plastics, and research is demonstrating that such decisions are indeed necessary.

Recent research by Greenpeace found plastic particles within the Antarctic, acting as evidence for the widespread effects that our plastic consumption can have on the environment.

Research also shows that 89% of plastic waste within the ocean is single-use, and that it can have serious effects on the environment and the animals within it.

IKEA has also been creating many more plant-based food options within their restaurants, and have even announced that from next summer they will be selling a vegan soft-serve ice cream.

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