Impossible Foods Plan Imminent Asian Expansion

impossible foods

Impossible Foods has announced it is set to launch the Impossible Burger in Asia, in 2018. The aim is to reduce the growing demand for beef with a plant-based alternative.

“We’ve always known that our mission is global,” Impossible Foods COO David Lee told Fortune. “We’re increasingly becoming aware that the demand for the Impossible Burger here in the United States pales in comparison to the amount of demand across the world.”

“Asia is an important milestone,” Lee said, “but frankly it’s only the beginning of our global expansion.”

Impossible Foods recently opened a new production facility to match growing demand for their products and has the aim of replacing all animal foods by 2035.

Meanwhile, the brand has urged customers to ask restaurants to stock the Impossible Burger, in return for a $200 discount on the restaurant’s first order.

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