Impossible Foods To Replace Animal Products By 2035

impossible foods

Impossible Foods have announced their plans to replace all farmed animals with plant-based foods by 2035.

The brand’s star product is the Impossible Burger which ‘bleeds’ and mimics the texture and flavour of beef.

Impossible Foods Opens Mega Production Facility!

“We’re not a burger company,” company chief communications officer Rachel Konrad said.

“We’re a tech platform for food. Our first product was ‘proof of concept.’ We can have a second, or tenth, products after that.”

During a recent press briefing, company CEO Patrick Brown said that he plans to follow the success of the Impossible Burger with new product launches that aim to replace chicken, lamb, pork, milk, cheese, eggs, and, eventually, fish.

Impossible Foods- The Vegan Burger That Bleeds

“We want to completely replace animals as a food production technology by 2035,” Brown said. “We are working on producing all foods that we get from animals.”

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