Impossible Foods Urges Customers To Demand Vegan Burgers In Restaurants

impossible foods

Famous for their vegan burgers, Impossible Foods has been asking customers to persuade their local restaurants to stock the Impossible Burger in return for $200.

Titled the “Impossible Demand” the new campaign is aimed at persuading more US  restaurants to stock their Impossible Burger.

Impossible Foods To Replace Animal Products By 2035

If a restaurant takes the customer’s recommendation, the restaurant will receive a “hero ticket” which gives them a $200 discount on their first order, adding an extra incentive for restaurants to stock the burgers.

So far, 5,100 “hero tickets” have been issued as part of the promotional campaign.

Impossible Foods are one of the fastest growing food technology companies, producing the Impossible Burger which is made from plants but mimics the texture, taste and cooking process of a beef burger.

Last year, Impossible Foods built a larger production facility to match the growing demand over recent months. They also announced their ambitious but promising plan to replace all animal foods by 2035.

“Our mission to transform the global food system is urgent, and the opportunity is huge,”Impossible Foods CEO Patrick O. Brown said, “so we are embarking on one of the most ambitious scale-ups of any startup in the food industry. Our goal is to make delicious, sustainable, nutritious, and affordable meat for everyone, as soon as possible.”

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