Impossible Foods- The Vegan Burger That ‘Bleeds’

impossible foods

Impossible Foods- a plant-based pioneer?

Impossible Foods are an American startup with the desire to change one of the most consumed meals. The burger. Meat eaters always complain they’d miss the flavour, texture and smell of meat too much.

What if there was a cruelty free vegan alternative that tastes and smells like meat? This is what Impossible Foods have been trying to achieve over the past few years.

You may remember that last year Google’s parent company, Alphabet, tried to unsuccessfully buy Impossible Foods for $300 million.

The business started out with the vision to remove meat from the average burger. To help change peoples perception and beliefs of what the average burger should be. This came about after the founders realised the hugely inefficient and destructive process that goes into creating the typical beef burger.

In every burger there’s deforestation, a huge demand for land, pollution, large consumption of water and the murder of an innocent cow. What Impossible Foods have done is combine plant-based foods and science.

The process is explained more effectively in the video above but the basic process is understanding the components that go into beef burgers and replicating them through the use of different plants. This structure helps to build a very similar representation of the taste, feel and texture of the beef burger.

Not only do they tackle the beef patty but they’ve also developed a plant-based cheese to accompany the meal. The burger is so lifelike it can ‘bleed’.

impossible foods

Impossible Foods say that “We spent the past five years researching what makes meat unique: the sizzle, the smell, the juicy first bite. Then we set out to find precisely the right ingredients from the plant kingdom to recreate the experience meat lovers crave. You’ve never tasted plants like this.”

The burger is currently only served in the US at a few different locations. These include New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Hopefully, as the business grows more locations will open.


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