Increased Pressure On Government To Ban Grouse Shooting

Local councils and the Government are facing pressure to ban the bloodsport.

grouse shooting

An increasing amount of the British public is voicing their opposition to grouse shooting, just ahead of its opening season.

The bloodsport uses controversial techniques to ensure that shooters get to kill as many grouse as possible.

These techniques include inhumane ways of slaughtering natural predators such as foxes, weasels and stoats.

These predators are trapped, poisoned, shot and snared, to try and ensure that enough grouse are left for hunters to kill.

Although the majority of the British public want to see bloodsports such as grouse shooting and fox hunting banned, thousands of birds and natural predators are still killed every year.

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Chris Luffingham, Director of Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said:

“It is clear the Government’s approach of leaving the industry to regulate itself is getting nowhere. Grouse shooting estates are ignoring calls for restraint from peers within the industry, killing wildlife and desecrating habitat to provide large numbers of birds to shoot.

“A grouse shooting ban must be implemented to finally end this conservation calamity – as a growing number of MPs and landowners are coming to realise.”

In popular shooting areas such as Yorkshire, animal rights activists are getting more heavily involved.

In Yorkshire, Bradford Council has already made the high-profile decision to ban shooting on Ilkley Moor.

Now, Yorkshire Water is facing pressure from groups such as Ban Bloodsports on Yorkshire’s Moors (BBYM).

BBYM are trying to convince Yorkshire Water to stop leasing moorland for grouse shooting.

Official grouse shooting season begins on the 12th August.


  1. Chris Luffington clearly knows nothing about grouse shooting just like the dope who wrote this article. If the left wing socialists of Labour led by Jeremy Corbyn ban grouse shooting to pleas3 the left wing animal rights finatics who dont pay a penny of their own money into conservation then grouse would become extinct on the moors as no game keepers would be employed to control vermin. Rare ground nesting birds such as golden plover curled would also become extinct.

    Plus I predict.more birds if.prey would be.killed so who would benefit from banning grouse shooting? Not the grouse or rare ground nesting birds nor.the Hen Harrier.

    So to Luffingham and the left wing animal rights activists jog on.

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