Response To The Independent Calling Out Veganism



This is some flaky ‘journalism’ if I’ve ever seen it.

The Independent recently published an article titled ‘People who become vegan to look ‘fashionable’ are risking their health, dietician warns’ with an ‘expert’ insight by someone called Catherine Collins

Lets take this apart line by line.

“What we’re seeing is a kind of new food puritanism.

There is this idea of a pure, unadulterated, ideal diet. People see pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow and an immaculate bowl of pomegranates and they want the same. It’s like having the latest fashion but you’re potentially messing with your long term health.

Pure. Catherine’s right on one thing here. Being vegan is as pure as it gets. We don’t murder or enslave animals, we don’t consume all the carcinogens, animal fat, cholesterol, we’re much less likely to contract cancer, heart disease and other major diseases, we’re much more likely to live longer, not be obese AND we don’t destroy the environment by supporting the animal agriculture industry.

Pure, that’s exactly the RIGHT word.

There’s not a thing wrong with a bowl of pomegranates and it’s not a fashion statement, it’s called being a human being.

Teens following health trends has nothing to do with being vegan. What about all those destroying their health by following the paleo or 5:2 diet? Is there any mention of how they’re contributing to heart disease, cancer and diabetes? Nope, of course there isn’t. Yet I can guarantee more teens follow these health trends.

Vegan health activists are much better role models than people like Holly Hagan and those who promote starvation and calorie restriction, but again, zero mention of anyone like that.

Oh, and Catherine has also decided to talk about health. She un-wisely claims “you’re potentially messing with your long term health.” Catherine is a ‘dietician’ and is meant to be an expert in food. Surely if she knows everything there is to know she wouldn’t be overweight and out of shape herself? Right?


Why should anyone listen to someone who claims to be a dietician but is overweight themselves? This is the problem with the current situation, blind people take advice from anyone just because they’re a so-called ‘expert’ and they match their own current beliefs.

Not only does the article state being vegan is unhealthy, but they back it with no references to any studies at all. There’s no scientific evidence for what Catherine’s saying. None.


We need people to be the change.

New research has also revealed the number of Britons who are vegan has increased 350 per cent over the course of the last decade. The Vegan Society estimates that at least 542,000 people in the UK are currently vegan.

This is what the article should be about. 350% increase over the past 10 years, that’s HUGE! We’ve spoken about health trends before and this only reinforces it.

Why does this matter?

With more and more people turning to veganism, it means more educated and well-informed people to spread the message. If the concept of being vegan isn’t spread then how will we ever progress from the famine, obesity and disease we currently have. People are becoming more open minded to being vegan and this is only a good thing. We shouldn’t let media shroud the amazing positives with fabricated lies.

That’s not all…

A vegan diet is one which excludes any animal products including meat, fish, milk, cheese, eggs and honey. Many proponents say the diet has a number of health benefits. However, some dieticians argue that vegans risk not getting enough protein and important vitamins and nutrients such as B12 and calcium.

Anyone can be deficient in protein, vitamins and nutrients. I’ve been vegan 2 years, never supplemented and have zero deficiencies. If those who consume animal products are so concerned about daily intakes, one would hope they know their own levels. As long as you’re eating enough food over 2500 calories a day, you’ll almost always get what you need.

Vitamin B12 is the only thing that’s possible to be low. This isn’t because of the diet, it’s because humans take too much care to sanitise everything. Vitamin B12 is found mainly in soil which is now lost from fruits and veggies through rigorous cleaning and the sad addition of pesticides and chemicals.

The bottom line?

I can guarantee there’s thousands more health related problems with eating a diet consistent of animal products than eating a vegan diet. The health benefits of being vegan are absolutely indescribable, not to mention it saves the environment and importantly the lives of thousands of animals. People aren’t “risking serious harm”, I’m vegan along with millions of other vegans, typing this, not dying of protein deficiency.

Lets just remember that a vegan diet was one of the most popular diets in the world until the Western, meat based, fatty diet was introduced to the East. It took over and destroyed the health of many and as a result we saw obesity shoot up along with heart disease cancer and diabetes. Read The China Study for a compelling read on this.

How many animals have you killed this year, Catherine? At least 140. How much water have you wasted and environment destroyed? And how much have you contributed to your deteriorating health?

Being vegan isn’t fashion, being vegan is changing the world.


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