India Bans All Wild-Animal Circuses


Animal circuses are closer to becoming a thing of the past with India being the latest country to ban the practice.

The new ruling stipulates that animals can no longer be used to entertain and will come into force this week.

The ban comes after a series of investigations carried out by government agency Central Zoo Authority (CZA) that exposed the rampant cruelty in the industry.

“The probe showed that animals were being maintained in circuses in cruel conditions and were tortured to extract performances,” CZA member DN Singh told local media outlet India Today. “Some of the owners of circuses even submitted morphed photographs to us in a bid to claim that animals were kept well.”

Back in summer of this year, Slovakia also took steps to completely ban the use of animals for entertainment. While it may seem that more and more countries are beginning to implement a similar law, the US is still far behind with no federal law currently stopping the practice.

Circus animals are often beaten, tortured and abused so that they will be fearful of their trainers and adopt the unnatural poses and movements set out for them.

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