Best Info For Being Vegan- According To Stella

According to Stella- Info for being vegan

Best Info For Being Vegan

@stellarae is a pretty big vegan Youtuber, amassing a following of just over 140,000 subscribers. With a Twitter that simply just makes sense and strongly backs the arguments for being vegan, it’s hard for us not to love her. Recently Stella tweeted a series of tweets, which documented her top recommendations on where to find some of the best info for being vegan. We think it’s an awesome way to get the vegan message out to her followers and lays it out pretty clearly if you have any doubts about being vegan (which you definitely shouldn’t!!)

We’ve linked the series of tweets below and if you want to see more then we strongly recommend subscribing to or following Stella.

1. The “grass-fed” argument

2. How animal agriculture destroys forests

3. The massive waste of water

4. World hunger and how it can be ended by veganism

5. Dairy and why it actually fucks us up

6. Surprise, surprise meat causes cancer

7. “B-b-b-b-but  I need milk for my calcium”

8. How a plant-based vegan diet can reverse type 1 and 2 diabetes

9. Cancer: how it can be prevented and cured


We think these have some awesome info for being vegan, if you think any have been missed then throw them into the comments below!

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