You’re ‘Interested’ But Not Committed


Animal ethics.

The environment.

Healthy eating.

All of these are things some care about more than others. You might care about the state of the environment or treating animals right. Or, you might just be really interested in healthy eating.

Well, here’s the difference. ‘Interested’ and ‘committed’.

You might think you care about one or all of these but, if you aren’t vegan, I can assure you, you don’t really care.

So you care about animal welfare. You want animals to be treated well and with dignity. If that’s the case, why do you still eat meat and have countless animals endure a life of suffering only to end it with a painful death? If you cared you wouldn’t support an industry that takes babies from their mothers or gases and grinds baby chicks.

Perhaps you like to gamble and you bet on horse racing. Horses are pumped full of steroids and drugs to be the fastest. If they fall or get injured they’re shot in the head. Supporting a ‘sport’ like that isn’t caring or standing up for animal welfare. Take a stand and become vegan.

And if you care about the environment. Leading a lifestyle that includes animal products isn’t caring for it at all. Consuming meat, dairy and eggs is the number one reason the rate of climate change is unprecedented. The cause of deforestation? Animal agriculture. Loss of biodiversity on land and in the oceans? Animal agriculture. Leading cause of greenhouse gases? Animal agriculture. Main cause of rising oceans? Animal agriculture.

If you’re keen to save water and take shorter showers, don’t bother. Stop eating meat. One hamburger is the equivalent to not showering for two months. TWO MONTHS. If you aren’t vegan you aren’t doing your bit for the environment. You don’t really care.

Ah, and then there’s healthy eating. You’d think with the ever increasing rates of cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes to match the increasing consumption of animal products, people would begin to put two and two together. 30 years ago in countries where meat consumption was low, chronic diseases were practically inexistant. As meat and animal products were introduced, obesity rose, heart disease rose along with ALL types of cancer.

Heart disease is the number one killer in the western diet. Animal products contain a huge amount of cholesterol and saturated fat. Saturated fat kills. Vegan diets contain no excess cholesterol. That means your chance of heart disease is drastically reduced. In fact, those who have heart disease and switch to a vegan diet, typically see results faster than prescribed medication. A vegan diet can not only reduce the effects of a health condition. It can reverse them.

If you claim you ‘care’ but you aren’t acting upon it and moving to a vegan lifestyle, you don’t actually care. Stop living under the illusion. You might be interested in helping the environment, having a healthy lifestyle or supporting animal welfare but you aren’t committed. That’s the biggest difference. Interest and commitment.

Care about all of it and go vegan.


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