International Vegan Flag Launched

international vegan flag

A team of designers has created the world’s first international vegan flag design in order to promote the battle for a cleaner and better world.

Lead designer, Gad Hakimi, collected materials from vegan associations from around the world, examining what form of branding would best encompass the vegan message.

“I wanted to give from myself and my abilities to promote veganism. I have created a vegan superhero comic. The one thing I lacked was a flag, which will guide the character, his identity and his colours.”

international vegan flag

“I have searched the web for a flag and found nothing, besides a few sketches which were designed unprofessionally and were not promoted.”

“They didn’t follow the basic rules of creating a flag. I have then decided to design a flag by myself, the same way like the rainbow flag of the LGBT movement. “

“The flag will be identified with all the vegans, first as a concept, and then as mainstream.”

Gad began designing but eventually set up a Facebook group to allow additional contribution and collaboration on how to best design the flag.

international vegan flag

One running idea was to include red to symbolise all the animals that have suffered as a consequence of animal agriculture. This idea was eventually dropped.

Veganism currently lacks a universal symbol or sign. Gad hopes the new vegan flag can fill the void and become internationally recognised.

The flag will remain open source for anyone to use freely. Gad hopes vegans start using the design as bumper stickers, symbols for vegan packaging, fridge magnets and everything in between.


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