Investigators Link Raw Milk Cheese To E.Coli Outbreak

One child has since died.


Investigators in France have confirmed that a link exists between the cases of several children with E.coli and the consumption of cheese made with raw milk.

The majority of the children investigated were diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome, which is most commonly caused by the consumption of E.coli.

The children faced symptoms such as blood-clotting cells being destroyed, low red blood counts and kidney failure.

The investigations were carried out by Santé Publique France, who claim that the consumption of a raw milk cheese is the epidemiological link between these cases.

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Food Safety News reports:As of June 15,  there were 15 children ages 1 to 5 included in the investigation of this outbreak.”

“Of the 15 who ate the suspect cheese, 12 were affected by the same strain of E. coli O26 and of those, one suffered from diarrhea [sic] and 11 developed HUS. One of the 11 died.”

The investigations by the National Center for reference E. coli has led to the withdrawal and recall of raw milk reblochons manufactured on the Cruseilles site of Chabert.

More than 350 tons of cheese has so far been recalled in France alone.

Canada has since followed France’s lead, and issued a precautionary recall of the raw milk cheese.

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