Ireland Experiences 119% Increase In Vegan Food Delivery


According to data collected by Deliveroo, there has been a 119% increase in demand for vegan takeaways since 2017 in Ireland.

They also found that there was a 40% increase in demand for dishes containing avocado.

Deliveroo stated:

“With people getting out and about more to enjoy the fine spell, Deliveroo is delighted to know that food from the platform and partners was an integral part of the summertime enjoyment.”

“The data also shows us the demand for healthy, yet delicious offers as well as the occasional naughty treat.”

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Despite the rise in demand for vegan options, Deliveroo also found a 15% rise in demand for ice cream, most likely spurred on by the recent heatwaves.

The results mirror those found by delivery rival Just Eat, who conducted a similar study back in December 2017.

They found that there had been a 987% increase in the demand for vegan and vegetarian food in 2017.

According to Just Eat, Vegan pizza, vegan korma, and falafel bowls were some of Ireland’s favourite vegan dishes.

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