Is Almond Milk Bad? Omni’s Seem To Think So

is almond milk bad

Almond milk has been getting some pretty negative press recently, thanks to just how much water goes into its production. However, this issue has mainly been raised by those who consume cow milk. Yet, is almond milk bad compared to the catastrophic effects of cows milk?

Thanks to a video created by The Young Turks, which is so blind-sighted it looks like it was funded by the dairy industry itself, they rant and rave about just how bad almond milk is. From Almond Breeze only containing 2% almonds to the water that goes into its production and the health ‘deficits’ compared to cows milk. The only way to describe this video is ‘uneducated’.

Not to forget that they complain almond milk shouldn’t even be called milk because it doesn’t come from a cow. Better not remind them about coconut milk, hemp milk, soy milk and cashew milk too then.

“Almond milk, the ever-popular soy-free, dairy-free, vegan-friendly milk substitute now found everywhere from hip restaurants to Starbucks coffee shops, is ruining the world.”


You wonder why vegans get a bad name, and then you realise why. The sensationalism by The Young Turks here is actually outstanding. Yes, it’s clearly almonds that are ruining the world. It has nothing to do with animal agriculture being the number one cause of deforestation or the leading contributing factor of greenhouse gases.

Not to mention the fact that milk has been proven time and time again to cause diseases such as osteoporosis and cancer. It is also extremely fattening, and one of the cruelest industries around.


It’s those damn Almonds and these pesky vegans.

And yes, it gets worse.

It’s not almond milk’s sometimes-chalky taste that’s worrisome, but its impact on the environment as well as its misleading nutritional profile. Dairy milk farmers are concerned by the popularity of the milky product — almond milk sales have increased by 250% in the last five years — even though it’s allegedly typically only 2% almond.

Does it come as a surprise they mention the poor old dairy farmers and how they’re concerned? Of course they’re concerned, the rise of veganism and people actually realising the impact of their actions is leading them to lose their way of life.

Is almond milk bad?

Only for the dairy farmers who make their living raping and abusing cows until they’re sold for slaughter.

When you look at the statistics regarding water usage when producing almond milk, it’s clearly not the most sustainable option out there.

It takes 5 litres of water to grow one almond, which admittedly isn’t the best ratio in the world. However, when you compare it to the fact that you need 100 litres of water to create 1 litre of milk, the more environmentally friendly option is clear.

is almond milk bad

By looking at the graph above, it shows you what the dairy companies don’t want to see. Yes almonds are the third highest consumer of water, but the two highest are both tied to dairy production.

The main issue many have with almond production is that it primarily takes place in California, a state regularly hit by drought. This however, is just small game when you look at milk production.

Dairy is not grown, it doesn’t just need water and land to survive. To get dairy, you need a cow. And cows need water, food, land, waste disposal, as well as giving off methane, c02 and a range of other nasty gases.

California may be hit hard by the demand for almonds, but the world suffers for dairy. Is almond milk bad? No. It’s also a whole lot better than the alternative of dairy.

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