Is Being Vegan Healthy?

is being vegan healthy

Is being vegan healthy?

Ah the age old, ever recurring question. Is being vegan healthy?

Yes, it is.

But why do people always say “oh my god vegans are always the most sickly people!”

It’s a strange one because vegans avoid heart disease, cancer and obesity like their meat consuming counterparts. Yet, they’re branded as unhealthy for eating a kind and compassionate diet.

This is simply just another way to try and put vegans down. I’m not really sure what it is but people that consume animal products HATE being told the truth about what they’re eating. Whether it’s the diseases it causes, the damage to the environment or how they murder innocent beings, they despise being told the truth and facts.

They don’t want to hear the truth and feel guilty for their actions. It’s blind ignorance, when there’s so many ways to educate yourself with the facts.


Vegans don’t get enough vitamins and minerals?

Do meat eaters know their vitamin and mineral levels? Most don’t. So why are they so concerned about a vegans?

As long as you’re consuming enough food you’ll be getting more than enough vitamins and minerals. Way more that the recommended daily amount.

However, B12 can be an issue for some. B12 is often said to be found in animals. Not true. It’s mainly found in soil which animals consume a great deal of as they graze for food. As a result of the overly sanitised nature of today’s modern society, all fruits and vegetables are cleaned so viciously it rids them of natural B12 that was present in the small amount of soil of the food.

Vitamins and minerals- is being vegan healthyVitamins and minerals- is being vegan healthy

I’ve been vegan years now and never had an issue with B12. If you’re worried though it’s easy to get to get a shot every few months and keep your levels optimal. If you over dose then not to worry because our body easily breaks down excess B12.

Aside from B12, a common one people bring up is iron. How can you possibly get iron if you don’t kill and eat helpless animals? Simple. Just eat enough food and plenty of veggies! Millions of people are iron deficient and still eat a ‘normal diet’ and as long as you’re eating a good diet, this again won’t be an issue.

Vegans can’t get protein

You guessed it, wrong again. Vegans can get plenty of protein, well over the recommended daily amount. Just focus on eating dark leafy greens, rice and fruits. If you’re in desperate need then you can also go to nuts and seeds as these are high in protein but fairly high in fat too.

Is being vegan healthy - protein issue

This is one of those things that you don’t need to worry about as long as you’re eating enough. Even if you’re consuming a high carb low fat (the best diet) you’ll still get enough protein. Just check out all the vegan body builders in the world, the worlds strongest man is even vegan.

But won’t you die if you’re vegan because we’re meant to eat meat?

Humans aren’t designed to eat any animals. Our bodies are purely herbivorous and not set up to chew, digest and process meat or dairy products. The only dairy humans need to consume is their mothers breast milk during infancy – the same as all infant mammals. We do not need to eat anything from any animal sources.

is being vegan healthy - why humans shouldn't eat meat

You can’t get enough calcium though!

Same as everything else, eat enough and it’s not a problem- the same as any diet the world over.

This one is particularly funny though because people have this obsessions that we ‘need to get loads of calcium’. Not true. We again, need very little.

The reason we’re seeing high levels of osteoporosis is that the generation that has consumed the highest amount of calcium is reaching elderly stages of life. It’s been found that high levels of calcium consistently through life CAUSES osteoporosis. So no, loads of calcium consistently from dairy, does not give you ‘strong bones’ in the long run.

Oh hang on, so vegans are healthier than those who consume animal products?

Unless you have an eating disorder then I’ve got to say yes 99% of the time. Vegans are way less likely to contract multiple forms of cancer derived from the high numbers of carcinogens in meat and dairy. Vegans are also a lot less likely to contract heart disease and atherosclerosis due to the fact bad cholesterol is 0. Being vegan it’s impossible to have a high cholesterol

(Hint- if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart disease, I’d suggest getting rid of the meat and dairy and jumping on a plant based diet. You never know, that heart attack could be right around the corner)

is being vegan healthy

Vegans are also substantially less likely to be obese compared with those who consume animal products. This is for a number of reasons:

  1. Eating vegan typically means a lot lower fat intake. Meat and dairy are very high in protein which is anabolic, meaning it makes you gain mass. They’re also high in fat, which, yep you guessed it, makes you fat. And no, fat doesn’t make you slim like so many calorie restricters suggest.
  2. Vegans consume far less, if any, hormones. The main problem with dairy is that it’s rammed with growth hormone. The growth hormone is obviously meant for the infant cow, goat, sheep or whatever and NOT humans.Lets take cows milk for example.The growth hormone in cows milk aids a baby cow in growing. Now cows don’t grow like humans do, the growth hormone is to make the infant cow grow to 20 times its size. So why do people wonder when they get really fat after eating a load of milk and dairy? Because humans are one of the dumbest species on the planet. NO species need to consume another species milk and NO species needs milk beyond infancy.

So, is being vegan healthy?

As long as you’re eating enough food, just like any other diet then yes, of course it’s healthy. It’s a million times healthier than eating food derived from animal sources so you should have no worries if you’re thinking of moving to a vegan diet. You’ll never be healthier and my best advice is to make the change as soon as possible!


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