Is The New Aladdin Vegan? He Might Just Be!

new aladdin

Disney is no longer solely for kids or dominated by cartoons, their remakes are getting bigger and better, and make those who feature in them into certified stars. If the success of Beauty and The Beast and The Jungle Book are anything to go by, the new Aladdin film is going to be a very big deal.

What makes this even more exciting, is the fact that the star of the show Aladdin himself, might be played by a vegan!

Mena Massoud has been cast as the lead in the upcoming Disney remake, and keen eyes have spotted a recurring theme on his Instagram.

From salads, BBQ’s and desserts, Mena has been posting pictures of vegan food all over his account! Not only this, but they have all be accompanied by the #vegan along with #plantbased and #meatlessmanifesto.

Vegan Snickers Bites….nuff said. Killed iitttt! #raw #vegan #veganfestto

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He has also been visiting countless vegan restaurants around the US and posting pictures as he goes, giving another reason for us to hope (and pray) that he is in fact vegan.

Along with the pictures of food, there is also a huge clue as to whether he is vegan or not, and that is the progress of his workouts. His gym transformations are pretty amazing, and the #vegan at the bottom of the picture makes them even better!

He also seems like a pretty all around compassionate guy. Almost everyone is aware of the atrocities in places that use animals for entertainment, and the new Aladdin star has shown his followers that it is never necessary by visiting an animal free circus.

Even if Mena isn’t 100% vegan yet, it’s still fabulous to see someone who realises the benefits of eating plant based and isn’t afraid to show this to their followers.

With almost 30,000 followers on Instagram and more to come, we hope Mena keeps living compassionately and has a wonderful time as Aladdin!

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