The Grave Issue With Grass Fed Beef


One of the main arguments I hear against industrial farming, is the argument for ‘grass fed beef’. For some reason, the image of cows running around free to roam a field before having their throat slit is a comforting one for many.

But is this way of farming any better than the industrial alternative? No.

Cows on Meadow

Clearly from an ethical point of view, the animal will still be slaughtered, therefore it is arguably no better. Is it any better to have a nice cup of tea with someone before you rob them? Does that make it less cruel and awful?

Although they will be able to have a better quality of life while they are alive, they are still also likely to be used for the dairy industry. That means, being artificially inseminated and having their babies taken from them.

If people feel so strongly about animals such as cows being able to live a grass fed life, it doesn’t make sense why they should want them to be slaughtered at all. Grass-fed beef and industry beef all meet the same, dark end.

A cow should be able to live a grass fed, free to roam life. Full stop! Not until they’re fat enough or old enough to be slaughtered and murdered.

humane beef

One of the other major issues with grass fed beef is the impact that it has on the environment.

First off, if the beef is not labelled as ‘organic’, then it probably still pumped full of antibiotics and other nasty bits.

Secondly, grass fed beef takes a lot more resources to produce. 

A grain-fed cow will require three acres of land, while a grass-fed cow requires nine acres. Ultimately, a grass-fed cow will use 35 percent more water and 30 percent more land than a conventional, grain-fed cow.

So in a time when over population and starvation are 2 issues challenging the earth, we use even more land and resources to raise animals for meat? Where is the sense.

As grass fed cows also live longer than their grain fed, caged brothers and sisters, they produce more methane.

In fact, they produce 3x more methane in their lifetimes than grain fed cows.

grass fed

So here, the alternatives are;

  • Buy grain fed beef, where cows are slaughtered after only a few months, and the factories are extremely detrimental to the environment.
  • Or, buy grass fed beef. Where cows live longer before your greed leads to their death, and raising them is even worse for the environment.

So how about instead of patting yourself on the back for buying grass fed beef, you actually do something useful.

Let the cows live their lives in peace, and stop the environmental damage at the same time. Simply stop demanding more cows to be raised and slaughtered for your selfish pleasure.


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