Jailed For Trying To Help Dying Animals?


What crime do you have to commit for 10 years in prison? Theft? Manslaughter? Rape?


Feeding a desperately thirsty animal some water to make their horrendous life a little more comfortable.

That’s what one animal rights activist from Canada is facing after feeding water to thirsty pigs on a hot day.

Let’s compare this to a recent event. Brock Turner got 3 months in jail for rape but giving a pig some water will get you 10 years.



We live in a society where it’s more ‘criminal’ to help an animal live than to rape an innocent girl. How has it come to this?

Farmers and the meat industry now have so much protection. Protection while they slaughter and kill thousands of sentient beings like you and I.

This is the biggest holocaust the world has ever seen and we’re all guilty of standing by and letting it happen. We’ve got to the point where we ‘love’ meat and dairy and get so enraged when anyone challenges our beliefs or tells us what we’re doing is wrong.

download-1This is just as bad as the holocaust that took place in World War 2. Human, animal, we’re all the same. Same emotions, both living, both feel pain.

There’s no reason animals should be disregarded, they deserve the same importance that the tortured Jews, gays and Muslims received 75 years ago. Surely we are the same as the nazis if we don’t give them the same sympathy and desire to inflict change. 


Speciesism is real, you might value yourself and humans as a whole more than pigs and cows. Dogs and cats I’m assuming you’ll hold slightly higher than the pigs and cows. Why though? Animals are animals. Humans are animals. To discriminate between them is the same as it is to discriminate black from white.

It’s 2016. Go vegan.

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