James Arthur Goes Vegan After Watching What The Health


James Arthur, X-Factor winner and British singer/songwriter, has switched to a vegan diet after watching What The Health.

What The Health, released earlier this year, looks at the harrowing effects animal products have on our bodies health.

What The Health launches on Netflix, reaching millions more people.

James Arthur’s motivation mainly came from wanting to lose more weight and become more healthy.

James recently told the Mirror that he “was miserable being overweight and has a new lease of life – and is now almost half the man he used to be”

Ne-Yo also goes vegan after watching the documentary What The Health.

Arthur says: “I’ve been vegetarian for a little while. But then I watched the Netflix documentary What The Health and now I’m vegan.

“I’m a singer and dairy stuff isn’t good for you. I’ve also got a Fitbit health tracker. I was carrying loads of weight and it was terrible being fat.”

While going vegan for your health isn’t adopting a vegan lifestyle, it certainly sets James Arthur on the track for being more compassionate towards animals and more environmentally aware.

That being said, many people make the switch for their health which in turn opens their eyes to the other benefits of being vegan.

Either way, having a celebrity as large as James Arthur choosing to adopt a vegan diet means that decision has the potential to influence thousands more.

Fans of his may now be persuaded to give veganism a go and try it for themselves.


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